Suture Suspension Preceptorship

Dr. Dwight C. Reynolds, M.D. and the Centers for Health Promotion Training & Preceptorship Division are proud to present the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension System Training course, offering an opportunity for physicians to learn the technique from Dr. Reynolds the only physician in America to earn the title of “Master Instructor” by original technique inventor, Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD. Get ready to bring scarless face, eyebrow, and buttocks lifts to your practice!

All Physicians who elect to participate in this course will depart with all the skills and abilities needed to perform the best and most advanced form of Suture Suspension.

Course Outline & Syllabus

Image: Suture Suspension Lift trainee at Centers for Health Promotion

Open Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift

The Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift (TSSL) technique lifts the deep movable subcutaneous tissue by anchoring it to non-movable tissue (fascia, periosteum, bone). Employing this technique results in a more natural and youthful appearance. The TSSL technique is ideal for lifting the face, eyebrow and buttocks. The technique was mastered and taught by Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD., of Sophia, Bulgaria who in tern trained and bestowed upon Dr. Reynolds the title of “Master Trainer” — the only certified “Master” in the United States–who has later gone on to refine and enhance the technique and equipment used into what is today known as the Timeless Suture Suspension Technique.

This procedure involves the use of custom FDA-approved, non-absorbable braided nylon(polyamide) suture with a special coating. It was manufactured specifically for Dr. Reynolds by DemeTech – a US-based manufacturer that has received Presidential honors.

This technique is significantly better than typical forms of lifting which are superficial and generally do not last nearly as long. These sutures are by far superior to other sutures evaluated by Dr. Reynolds in performing these lifting procedures, which were found to provide results that do not last nearly as long. These lifts go by the names of “Curl Lift”, “Coffee Break Lift”, “Contour Thread Lift”, “Feather Lift”, etc. These approaches appear similar but simply do not compare to the results of the TSSL Technique. As with all polyamide sutures (including the ones used by Dr. Serdev), these are permanent (non-absorbable) sutures.


Open Enrollment Now Available to All Interested Physicians

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Covering All Subjects

It is important that all perspective physicians understand that upon completion of their 2-day course, they will be fully prepared to manage any suture suspension case.  Topics will include:

  • A comprehensive history of the various Suture Suspension techniques
  • Review of the history and benefits of suture suspension
  • Modifications made by Dr. Reynolds to the original technique
  • Anatomy of the face and buttock
  • Prepare a suture suspension suite
  • Evaluate patients and determine candidates for suture suspension
  • Demonstrations of how to mark patients prior to surgery
  • Performing Suture Suspension in the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension technique
  • Handling pre and post-operative care
  • How to avoid and manage complications
  • Assistant training
  • Advanced marketing


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Course Information

Training Staff

Dwight C. Reynolds, MD, FACEP, AACSCourse Director
Board Certified, Emergency Medicine

Image: Dr. Reynolds, preceptorship course directorDr. Reynolds trained for 2 years at the Cleveland Clinic foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been in private practice in Southeast Florida since 1985. He became board certified in Emergency Medicine in 1985. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Board of Medical Specialties, the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery and the International Meso-Lipotherapy Society.

Dr. Reynolds received his certification in Liposuction surgery through Patrick L. Lillis, M.D., one of the world’s leading authorities and instructors of the tumescent technique. Dr. Reynolds has, in turn, trained other surgeons in both the United States and abroad in the art of Liposuction surgery (Tumescent Technique).

Over the past 15+ years, he has trained hundreds of physicians and has given workshops in 8 different countries. Lifetime to date, he has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures including over 3,500 Suture Suspension lifts.


Joseph K. Bivens M.D.Clinical Instructor
Board Certified, Plastic Surgery

Image: Dr. BivensDr. Bivens has been in aesthetic plastic surgery since 1988 and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery; the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to certify plastic surgeons. He trained in General Surgery at New York Medical College Westchester County Medical Center, Valhalla, New York. Plastic Surgery training was done at UC San Diego where he specialized in Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Surgery and Body Contouring. Dr. Bivens training makes him a unique and critical member to our staff. Dr. Bivens received his Suture Suspension training and certification from Dr. Reynolds.

Upcoming Training Dates

To begin the process of registration as quickly as possible, fill out the form on our Contact page. Dr. Reynolds or one of his scheduling representatives will reply to your request, go over any pertinent questions you may have, and get you on the training schedule. This does not represent final confirmation of registration. 

Training Fees

Module 1 – Face Lift, Brow Lift, and Nasal Tip Refinement Training – Call for Pricing
– includes training, 3 needles and materials for 40 patients

Module 2 – Buttocks Lift Training – Call for Pricing
– includes training, 2 needles and materials for 24 patients

Module 3 – Breast Lift TrainingCall for Pricing
– includes training, 2 needles and materials for 24 patients

These Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift training modules will be 1-day courses available individually or in a grouping of your choosing. The “Full Course”consists of the combination of all 3 modules into one 2-day course. Taking any combination of two or more modules becomes a 2-day course.


Also included in the Course:

  • Suture and materials
  • Our patent-pending Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift facelift needle kit (2 pieces)
  • CHP Suture Suspension Lift training DVD set
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1-year subscription to LipoLive, our O.R. camera streamed live over the web and on-demand archived videos


Training Course, covering the following areas:

  • Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Serdev leading training class
  • The history of different suspension methods and techniques
  • History of the Suture Suspension lifting system
  • Modifications made by Dr. Reynolds to the original technique
  • Anatomy of the face, neck, breast, nose and buttock
  • Selecting the appropriate patient
  • Marking patients before surgery
  • Extensive hands-on training
  • Pre and Post-Op care
  • Avoiding and managing Suture Suspension complications
  • Dealing with the difficult patient
  • Setting up your procedure room
  • Training your assistant
  • Advanced Suture Suspension marketing techniques


Needle Set (Full)

One (1) 230mm
One (1) 170mm
One (1) 140mm
One (1) 100mm
One (1) 60mm
One (1) 50mm


Full Suture Kit, includes enough to do approximately 100 patients:

60 faces
15 butts
10 sets of breasts
15 others (nasal tip, nose ears, etc.)


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Suture Suspension Lift Training DVD Trailer

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