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COVID-19 Vaccines & Treatments
Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Monoclonal Antibodies

Centers for Health Promotion, LLC announces the immediate availability of all FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines for all South Florida residents.

Vaccinations are conducted in Coral Springs, FL at the private office of Dr. Dwight C. Reynolds, MD, FACEP, a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician of more than 35 years and a South Florida resident for more than 30 years. Dr. Reynolds has spent more than a year in hospitals in helping treat and manage COVID-19 patients and leading a targeted vaccination effort through our outreach which has aided in providing vaccinations to underserved communities.

At Centers for Health Promotion, you will find a staff that is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable in diagnosing, managing, and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Why get vaccinated with us?

  • Your vaccination will be supervised by Dr. Reynolds, Emergency Medicine Physician who has treated a large number of COVID-19 patients in Emergency Rooms across the country.
  • The vaccination process takes less than 20 minutes. In our offices, you can look forward to being in and out quickly and privately.
  • Same-day scheduling and vaccination/treatment is available.

CHP COVID-19 Vaccination & Treatment Services
In Depth

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine – Ages 5+

Now available for ages as young as 5 years old, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine stands as one of the most effective vaccines available to combat COVID-19 and all of its variants. Created through the partnership of Pfizer and BioNTech and the thousands of individuals who worked to research and make this mRNA vaccine available and leveraged decades of scientific expertise, Pfizer comes highly recommended.

Minimum Age: 5
Number of shots required: 2
Efficacy: 95.6%
FDA Approved?: Yes


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine – Ages 18+

Similar to the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine is a 2-shot mRNA vaccine that boasts exceptionally high efficacy and results for patients. It should be considered as an equal in all respects to the Pfizer vaccine and has shown to be the most effective vaccine for booster shots of all. Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine comes highly regarded and recommended by CHP.

Minimum Age: 18
Number of shots required: 2
Efficacy: 94.1%
FDA Approved?: No (Pending full FDA Authorization)


Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine – Ages 18+

Developed by Janssen Biotech, the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine represents an excellent option for those who prefer a single-shot vaccination option. While efficacy is lower due to the single-shot approach, it has proven to be just as effective as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for helping patients avoid emergency care. While we encourage all of our patients to choose a 2-shot solution for the enhanced level of efficacy, J&J will keep you and your loved ones safe too.

Minimum Age: 18
Number of shots required: 1
Efficacy: 66.3%
FDA Approved?: No (Pending full FDA Authorization)


Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Treatment

Now available at CHP, monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment is available! Depending on your age and how long you’ve had COVID-19 symptoms, you may qualify for this treatment. Early evidence has shown that mAb treatment can reduce the amount of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a person’s system, reducing the viral load. Lower viral load means milder symptoms, decreasing the likelihood that a hospital stay will be needed.

mAb treatment may help people who:

  • Have a positive COVID-19 test, and had symptoms for 10 days or less
  • Are at high risk of getting more serious symptoms

If you’re experiencing early COVID-19 symptoms, give us a call ASAP. Monoclonal antibodies may save your life.


Schedule your appointment

We encourage you to call our office as soon as possible to schedule your appointment with us. With our extended COVID-19 vaccination hours, we will schedule you in at the available time most convenient to you. When you call in, we will explain the full process and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about these COVID-19 tests?

Of course!

Our COVID-19 rapid antigen and PCR tests are both swab tests.  The antigen tests are done on site and results are available within 15 minutes.  This test is almost 90% sensitive for COVID-19 and 100% specific, giving you accurate and actionable results.
The COVID-19 rapid antibody test is very sensitive to detect prior COVID-19 infection but not does not typically represent current infection.  This is a simple blood test.
The PCR is the most advanced COVID-19 test available today. Your swab is sent out to our partner lab and the results are typically returned in 2-3 days.  The PCR is 99% accurate and is 100% specific, providing the most accurate results available anywhere.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all tests must be scheduled. Every individual who wants a test must make an appointment by calling us at (954) 368-8784 or toll-free at (844) 547-6370.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your identification and method of payment if you did not pay in advance. Service cost is $275.00. We accept cash as well as all major credit cards.

How is my sample for testing collected?

While you wait in your vehicle, we will collect a sample of nasal secretions. This is done by inserting the swab into your nostril approximately 1 inch into the nasal passage. The swab is rotated several times, removed gently and this process is repeated on the other side. We then take your sample in for rapid testing.

How and when will I get results?

Results for rapid testing are returned within 15 minutes and are delivered while you wait in your vehicle. For samples sent to our lab partners (PCR testing), average turnaround time for receiving results is 48 hours (though this can take longer). If you are taking a PCR test with the intention of traveling, we recommend giving yourself a 4-day cushion to guarantee the results needed to prove you are safe to fly.

Can I bring someone with me or should I come alone?

We understand that you may need to bring someone with you; however, only patients who have qualified and scheduled a visit can be tested.

What if I test positive for COVID-19?

If you receive a positive test, additional testing may be recommended. Depending on your symptoms and which of your two tests came back positive, appropriate treatment will be required and some level of quarantining may be suggested. Next steps are determined on a case by case basis with Dr. Reynolds.

If my results come back negative for COVID-19, am I completely in the clear?

A negative PCR or Rapid Antigen test does not completely rule out a COVID-19 infection. It could mean that the amount of virus in your system is not high enough to detect the virus (low viral load).  If you are or become symptomatic  at any time (shortness of breath, fever, non-productive cough, weakness or just simply feeling tired, diarrhea and loss of smell and taste) you should immediately self quarantine for 10 days and have your PCR test repeated in 3-4 days.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccination
or Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Today.
(954) 368-8784

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